About Us

Our blends are natural and made with therapeutic-grade DoTerra essential oils. I created Hazel's Garden Aromatherapy Project to honor my baby, Hazel Mae, born still on January 7, 2015.

Aromatherapy and essential oils helped me immensely after we lost Hazel.  Aromatherapy has been an integral part of my grieving process. I felt like I had a coat of armor on after I applied my grieving blend. in 2016, I decided to go back to school for my graduate certificate in Aromatherapy. Through The Hazel Mae's Garden Aromatherapy Project, I provide essential oil-care plans for women suffering from infertility, pregnancy and fetal loss at no cost. I established this project to help women through their grieving process.

 Our proceeds go to Hayden’s Helping Hands, an organization that helps pay for hospital stays for mothers of stillborn babies in the United States.

We have 10 mL Roller Bottle Blends that are formulated for both children and adults, Olfactory Hues Aromatherapy Mists, Custom Essential Oil/ CBD Roller Bottle Blends and CBD balms.

Our kid-safe 10 mL roller bottle blends are specially formulated for children, with a 2% dilution ratio, but the entire family can use these blends. Our adult blends are blended at a safe 5% dilution ratio. 

Everything is made with love in our home in Portland, Oregon

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